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Welcome to Hark the Sound, a collection of free audio games on the web. Our games have speech, sound, and graphics for players of all ages and abilities.

Play a Game

You can browse and search our game catalog like any other website using the mouse and screen. Young gamers can also browse our catalog by using the arrow keys and listening to game titles.

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Manage Activities

Parents and teachers can group games into activities for kids to explore and play. As players work through an activity, our site records their progress for later adult review.

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Build New Games

Our builders let you create new games or extend existing ones. When complete, your creations appear in our catalog for all of our visitors to play and improve.

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Discuss games and activities with us and other Hark the Sound users in our Google Group. Visit http://groups.google.com/group/harkthesound or send email to harkthesound@googlegroups.com to join.

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